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Dec 27, 2012 7:00am PST
, es que estmaos a días de despedir el año y si quieres lucri bella no se preocupe, estamos con rafa lou que nos explica cómo lograr un peinado así ahorrando dinerito. >>> (gritos). >>> (aplausos). >>> qué debemos tomar en cuenta para elegir el tipo de cabello? >>> el cabello largo está de moda y debemos tener un corte apropiado para esto. es muy importante llevar el corte en capas y bien texturizado para que vaya todo en onda. >>> la onda es suve no? en la casa se ponen la pinza con cualquiera caliente a no más de 250°. >>> queda bonito el chino hecho pero no a la perfeccion. se manipulabien pero el corte debe ser bien escalonado y texturixado y de arriba no puede ser mu y larga porque así pareces virgen de pueblo. >>> tienes que usar laca para evitar los pelos sueltos. >>> el cabello hacia arriba también se usa mucho, con la estructura osea. >>> este tipo de peinado hacia un lado esta de moda y se arreglan los problemas de las cabezas chatas, orejas y bueno si eres rubia se puede trabajr mas.cuál es el estilo recogido así? >>> se saca un poco más con movimiento. >>> para
Dec 17, 2012 7:00am EST
by jurisdictions. they make different decisions of rafa security procedures are adopted at local schools. it varies across the country. he host: regression from tax. -- here is a question from tax. how much are we wasting these funds? guest: that is a good question. there is not a good framework in place to determine whether or not someone is doing a good job with the money or a bad job. some of the examples that we talked about earlier in the show would seem to indicate issues, or spending that is not in the best interest of the taxpayer. but globally speaking, fema and more broadly in the department of homeland security, we have not developed a framework to measure the success or failure. that makes it difficult. host: let's go to jean in new hampshire. caller: i was just asking where the money comes from. where does that come from, the millions of dollars in waste? host: do you want to be more specific? caller: the conferences, the gao conferences. guest: that is a good question. let me make something clear right off. there was a scandal with conferences. there was a fellow agent in the general
Dec 10, 2012 3:00am PST
. it was disgust to go see a game end like that. >> chelsea wins and torres. >> chelsea and rafa. they have been lake a slapstick circus car. torres. >> by torres. >> $800 million. watching him recently has been like seeing a labrador that needs to be put down. >> tell me what's unique about this goal? do you know what's unique about that goal? >> the first he's ever taken -- >> one of the top scorers, that's the first penalty kick. >> maybe his confidence is scoring. watch him score again. 12 1/2 he's not scored. a black feather in his nose and learn how to fly. i can fly. i can fly. torres. >> everton, i know you don't like to talk about everton, it was the highlight of your young life. everton comes back and two goals in extra time to win. >> there they are. this is a game of money as you know, barnicle. everton having none of it. they are fourth in the league. commitment collectivity. one goal down until the 91st minute. i watched it with my two young children. it's how i want them to be, never give up, never stop trying. it's the american way. >> you can say the same thing from the other sc
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5 (some duplicates have been removed)